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Lower Back Support Hip Belt

Lower Back Support Hip Belt

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Are you tired of battling relentless lower back pain?"

Take back your life with our lower back support hip belt.  It provides lower back support and sciatica pain relief for men and women.  There is no complicated adjustments.  It fits easily over or under your clothes.

Alleviates Si joint pain

The dual waistband wrap offers controlled compression. The auxiliary belt allows you to target specific areas with the precise compression needed.  Further, it helps to stabalize your pelvis and hips. 

Dual Adjustment

You can easily adjust the two tension straps for your preferred fit.  This allows for a tighter or looser feel. You simply tighten or loosen the auxiliary elastic belt.


Light weight and Durable

Made from breathable fabrics that allows for air circulation. The lower back support hip belt belt is designed for  prolonged wear.   


Unisex Design

Fits men and wormen.  You will feel at ease wearing this nonslip belt under or over your clothes.

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